Perioperative nursing essay

Perioperative nursing

AORN Journal 76, The team of nurses that are involved in the care of a patient who is scheduled to undergo an operation consists of the following nurses and each has their own role Goodmanp.

The knowledge of such ethical principles allows the nurse to stand as an advocate for the patient and speak in his behalf using effective communication skills.

Perioperative Nursing

This role has changed over the years governed by medical training schemes, and more recently by legal and ethical issues pertaining to the code of professional conduct.

Impact on nurse satisfaction and retention. I am aware that at present I have not had a lot of patient contact pre and post operatively.

Ethics in perioperative practice: Patients find doctors can be too technical, they can relate to them as an illness rather than a patient.

Collaborative practice must be outlined between the two disciplines for it to work. The scrub nurse keeps reassuring the patient and ensuring that they are comfortable Greenp. The recovery nurse will be told the postoperative instructions from the anesthetist and this will include the time when the patient is allowed to feed, and what to observe as the patient recovers from the anesthesia.

If a system that was universal between all clinical systems was in place, the nurses would be able to quickly access the information that would be necessary for making quick, effective decisions that could cut down on time, money, and other resources that are needed to run multiple, sometimes unnecessary tests.

Perioperative Nursing Care Essay

Clause 12 of the HPCA Act states that each authority must prescribe the qualifications for every scope of practice. Facing Ethical Dilemmas A nurse, for example, has a statutory duty to report suspected cases of abuse or potential for injury, and this situation may arise when a coworker demonstrates incompetent practice.

Remuneration is addressed at two levels. I believe this vision is beneficial for me, as the role of the PNSA impacts on both clinical and service quality, management and cost effectiveness, colleagues and surgeons and ultimately for optimal patient care.

In every nurses career many legal or ethical dilemmas are encountered. Again, this could be an identifiable problem because not all nurses are comfortable with conflict situations.

In truth, all health care providers should function as patient advocates Kohnke, The anesthetist will inform the nurse the drugs to be prepared and the gases to be used. Post Anesthetic Recovery Unit Nurse The recovery nurse takes care of the patient until the time when they awake from anesthesia.

Standards, Recommended Practices and Guidelines: I believe that the position description policy should reflect the complexities of the PNSA role, without restricting their scope of practice. The patient will be informed what they are meant to bring while coming for the operation.

Not only are they expected to make clinical and technical decisions but also ethically and morally sound decisions suitable for the treatment of their patient. By implementing the necessary changes, the overall speed and satisfaction of all the individuals involved, from patient to doctor, can be improved.

The nurse ensures that the patient is aware of pre and postoperative expectations. The nurse ensures that the results are seen by the doctor before the operation day. The OR job I'm applying for requires a "Why I Want to be a Perioperative Nurse" essay.

I mention that the first surgery I saw (CABG) made me want to work in the OR, and then I describe the surgery in about three paragraphs. Before explaining in detail what preoperative nursing is, it is essential to explain what the perioperative procedure consists of.

The perioperative procedure is a sequence of events which takes place before a surgical intervention is undertaken. PeriOperative Nurse: PeriOperative Nurses are registered nurses who assist surgeons during surgery.

Perioperative nursing

PeriOperative Nurses can work as either a Scrub Nurse, who passes instruments to the surgeon or as a Circulating Nurse who take care of the overall nursing care during surgery. Perioperative nursing Essay Sample Throughout this assignment I will analyse the impact of the Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant (PNSA) role at MercyAscot hospital where I am currently employed.

I will discuss any foreseeable problems, and the support given by the hospital. Sep 17,  · Perioperative essay Perioperative report Perioperative dissertation Perioperative services 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating (2 Votes) The perioperative period is the time that describes the duration of the surgical procedures of a NWS.

Perioperative Nursing Care Essay Inguinal Hernia A hernia is a protrusion that occurs when a weakness in the tissue or muscles causes an internal part of .

Perioperative nursing essay
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